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Accor Premier Luxury Resort Village
Doi Cape, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Built on the foundation of legends and celebrated natural beauty, Premier Villas rises from the ocean at the southern tip of Phu Quoc on Ong Doi Cape, proud and respecting of the sites history and scenery.

Named Ong Doi – ‘The Captain’, in honour of the boat captain who sacrificed he’s life for Emperor Gia Long whilst fleeing the Tay Son army, the Cape is a symbolic place associated with Vietnam’s empirical history. It is the place where Emperor Gia Long -the first king of the Nguyen Dynasty, found sustenance and repose during his escape from the Tay Son army and a place he was compelled to return too later and pay homage.

Today, Doi Cape continues to captivate people by its natural beauty: the rolling hills, craggy outcrops, azure blue waters filled with swimming turtles and lush green tropical vegetation. Natural elements are preserved, augmented and enhanced to ensure that the character of Doi Cape that so encapsulated King Gia Long remains unchanged to give Premiere Villa Guests a kings experience and continues to provide sustenance and a place to repose.

The villas and resort offer the level of service and luxury fit for an emperor……