Spa's and Hot Springs

Fuhai Altai Mountain Hotsprings Resort, Xinjiang, China

Fuhai Altai Mountain Hot Springs Resort is a very important tourism development that forms part of a wider tourism planning framework which has been outlined by the Central Governments goal “to build Xinjiang into a tourist hub for the economic belt of the Silk Road”.

With its abundance of natural resources, scenic spots and growing tourist visitors each year, Altay tourism development has great significance on facilitating the implementation of “Belt and Road’ Strategy.

Apart from the sites natural beauty the area is also culturally rich with Kazakh herdsmen and their families travelling through the site and living in traditional Yurt tents and making use of the hot springs. The Kazakh culture provides extra richness to the area and is an important part of the resorts identity.

SALA’s masterplan features a unique arrival expereince through a traditional style Kazakh village, past sheep, camel and yak paddocks,  to a stunning Hillside Hot Springs and River Valley Hotel. Riverside dining and Yurt guest rooms offer a unique local expereince. An outwardbound adventure activity centre and Hilltop VIP hotel offers amazing star gazing platforms and traditional Kazakh bath centres.

Conservation principles are integral to the sucess of the planning and local economic, cultrual and educational opportunities are abound.