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Mai House Marie Curie Hotel
Ho Chi Minh City

A Modern Colonial Deco Urban retreat.

Inspired by the classical colonial mansions of the past, this urban retreat in Saigon boasts the rich character of the past with modern hotel amenities.

A fusion of bold yet elegant colonial patterns, fabrics and materials the hotel greets the visitor with a warm welcome and touches of classical hospitality. Inspired by the notion of some of Asia and Indochina’s signature hotels such as Raffles Hotel of Singapore, The Governors’ Hotel Cambodia and the Macalister Mansion of Penang, Malaysia, Mai house embraces the traditional landscape of the era with its dramatic use of Travelers Palms, Hanging baskets of Orchids and formal hedges.

Celebrating the Colonial French and Deco history of Indochina, the landscape design references traditional cafe tiles, bold patterns, deco trims, elegant plaster and stone garden walls. The crisp modern reflecting pools, green walls and brass signature signs add a touch of modernity to the formal landscape.

Low walls and formal gardens reveal the Hotel arrival while taller walls and trellis around the all day dining and apartment block create a sense of exclusivity and privacy to the dining areas. A second, larger  trellis at the sky bridge connections creates a welcoming human scale arrival court adorned with pots, hanging baskets and colonial inspired lantern lights.