“personalized service from design directors in every project”

  • Ashley Sutch : Design Director

    It is our belief at SALA that we are only as good as our last project. And that in each new project, we strive to deliver a better outcome each time. Our approach is neither traditional or contemporary, but is informed to the site, our client and the culture to create a distinctive place.

  • Scott Dyde : Design Director

    We work with great people on great projects in great locations - We look forward to working with you and delivering another unique and successful SALA design!



SALA Design Group was founded in Hong Kong 2007 by Mr Ashley Sutch and Mr Scott Dyde, two exceptionally talented landscape designers hailing from Australia and Great Britain. Ashley and Scott first met several years earlier while working together in the United States. Their passion for design and a similar sense of humor created a unique working relationship that was energetic, full of creativity and whimsical. Having successfully designed numerous projects throughout SE Asia and with the trust and backing of great clients, Ashley and Scott settled in SE Asia to spearhead what was later to become one of SE Asia’s most talented landscape design and planning firms – SALA Design Group.

The name SALA comes from a Thai word meaning an outdoor pavilion with open sides used as a place to rest and reflect while taking shelter from the sun or rain. Ashley and Scott took this as the name for their company as it encapsulates the spirit of their design work – finding comfort in a place so that one can enjoy the outdoor environment.

Since establishing SALA Design Group back in 2007, the company has grown from strength to strength on the success and reputation of each new project. In 2008, SALA set up their first branch office in Bangkok to oversee the increasing resort and hospitality projects being commissioned in Thailand. 2009 saw the opening of the company’s primary design studio in Singapore to take advantage of the local talent base and centrality of SE Asia. The Singapore office is headed by Ashley. And in 2010, a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise was established in Shenzhen to meet the demands of its increasing work in China, now headed by Scott. The Hong Kong office remains the central administrative and legal office for SALA Design Group handling all contractual and legal issues.

Despite the company’s rapid growth and success, each project is handled personally by Ashley and Scott who oversee the key design work for each project to ensure design quality is achieved and delivered. All of the SALA offices work together collectively on any one project, matching the talents of key personnel best suited to the type of project and any specialist requirements. Unlike other large international design firms, SALA does not ‘hand down’ design work to juniors or inexperienced job captains. Typically, any major presentation during a design phase will be attended by Ashley or Scott.